Device Installation Control

Device installation and maintenance at scale

Manage your technicians and subcontractors using intelligent and automated workflows, to ensure the frictionless installation of meters, sensors, and gateways.

Hardware-independent and at the highest service level.

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Hardware agnostic installation & service

Benefit from Comgy's manufacturer-agnostic device installation and maintenance solution and constantly deliver a high quality of service. Scale your operations with pre-configured workflows.

Mission control

Document and optimize your assembly and service operations in a guided process. Controlling your operations has never been easier. Developed by dispatchers, for dispatchers.

The digital solution for installation and maintenance

Digital transformation
made easy.

Device Installation Control is a module of our ComgyOS that allows you to install and maintain all your meters, sensors, and gateways in a scalable fashion.

Benefit from an intelligent platform that collects, processes, and visualizes all the different data so you can digitize your operational processes.

The all-in-one solution

15 minutes data availability

Our software for electricity, heat, and water provides highly accurate historical and real-time visualization of energy consumption in your properties.

Future-proof through innovation

Benefit from a partner that is not a service provider, but a tech company.

Adapted to legal requirements

Coping with the increasing complexity of regulatory standards and portfolio management requirements

Interoperable & open system

Open measurement standards and APIs make it easy to connect our ComgyOS to your existing system infrastructure.

Perfect also as a full-service solution

Fulfill your tasks with Comgy as a strong partner - whether as a self-service or full-service solution.

Modular software solution

ComgyOS is a cloud-based software solution and can be individually extended with further modules and third-party integrations according to your needs.

External connection

Easy third-party integration

Our solutions are compatible with and designed to integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes and allow you to connect to software you already use.

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The complete solution

Also possible as a full-service solution

Are you looking for a partner who will take care of everything from A-Z, including setting up all the measuring equipment for you?

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More than 1 million meters digitally recorded


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