Building Energy Control

Standardized energy data reporting and optimization

Analyze and optimize your energy consumption in your portfolio. Your energy data toolkit for decarbonization and ESG reporting.

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Data preparation for your emissions and ESG reporting

Benefit from plausible energy data; prepared and aggregated for your reporting.
Whether the building has a simple gas boiler or complex combinations of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps.

Data-driven decision making

Use actual measured consumption values to identify, implement and monitor decarbonization measures.
Find the most effective path to carbon neutrality for your portfolio.

Integrated modules for consumption optimization

Make use of integrated modules to control your heating systems, developed in partnership with the Frauenhofer Institute.
Use your consumption data efficiently through automatic algorithmic control.

Automated building energy overview with ComgyOS

Energy & Emissions
in one data platform.

Building Energy Control is a module of our ComgyOS that allows you to manage your building's energy data, optimize your portfolio, and report on energy and emissions in a fully automated process.

Benefit from an intelligent platform where all data is collected, processed and visualized so you can make informed decisions.

The all-in-one solution

15 minutes data resolution

Our software engine for electricity, heat, and water provides accurate historical and real-time visualization of energy consumption in your properties.

Future-proof partnership

Benefit from a partner that is not a service provider, but a tech company.

Adapted to legal requirements

Manage the increasing complexity of regulatory standards and portfolio management requirements.

Interoperable & open system

Open wireless standards and interfaces guarantee you complete data sovereignty. Your data is hosted exclusively on EU servers and in line with the highest DSGVO standards.

A centralized energy data source

ComgyOS is the single source of truth for all your energy data, meaning you have this data ready at your fingertips for reporting and analysis.

Modular software solution

ComgyOS is a cloud-based software solution and can be individually extended with further modules and third-party integrations according to your needs.

External connection

Easy third-party integration

Our solutions are compatible with and designed to integrate seamlessly into existing system landscapes and allow you to connect to software you already use.

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The complete solution

Also possible as a full-service solution

Are you looking for a partner who will take care of everything from A-Z, including setting up all the measuring equipment for you?

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More than 1 million meters digitally recorded


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