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On a mission to achieve climate neutrality in buildings

Comgy is a technology company dedicated to making buildings carbon neutral through energy data. We were founded in 2017 and are headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Our team of more than 120 employees is united by the goal of developing new approaches in the field of multi-metering and actively shaping the digital transformation of the real estate market.

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This is what drives our management and employees at Comgy to work on innovative solutions for climate neutrality in buildings.

If you want to make a company more cost-efficient, you first have to look at where costs are currently being incurred and why. The same applies to saving energy and CO₂.

No decentralization strategy can work without reliable and up-to-date building energy data.

Lukas Krauter
CPO & Co-Founder

To revolutionize an industry, you don't only need the right product, but above all the right people.

At Comgy, our goal is to create a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and continuous learning that attracts such people and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Eva Angelou
Head of People

Climate protection does not happen accidentally, it has to be purposely tackled. Buildings account for 40% of global CO2 emissions.

With ComgyOS, we are building an operating system to make buildings climate-neutral in the long term through the intelligent use of energy data.

Maximilian Schmitt
Head of Product
Our mission

Making buildings climate-neutral through intelligent use of energy data

Climate Impact, made in Berlin.

We are committed to the present & future.

We are committed to the present & future.

We are preserving the earth as our long-term home by making buildings carbon-neutral through smart use of energy data.

We take responsibility

We not only offer software solutions to make the building sector climate-neutral, but also live the topic of sustainability ourselves.

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