Energy Data Infrastructure for Buildings 

Europe's largest real estate companies use ComgyOS for their portfolios to automate their ESG reporting, leverage decarbonization potential and meet regulatory obligations.

More than 1 million meters digitally recorded


The cloud-based multi-metering operating system for buildings.

Create a digital twin of the energy flows in your building and benefit from a central data warehouse with a modern range of APIs. Compatible with any measurement technology.

Central Energy Data Warehouse

Benefit from reliable provision of your energy data at 15-minute intervals, all in one central location.

Interoperable & open system

Open wireless standards and interfaces guarantee you complete data sovereignty. Your data is hosted exclusively on EU servers and in line with the highest DSGVO standards.

Plug & Play Integration

Use our pre-built connectors for seamless and reliable hardware and API integration with third-party systems. Compatible with any measurement technology.

Your portfolio.
Your data.
Your applications.

Improve your data usage and internal processes with ComgyOS Apps automation capabilities. Developed by us, third parties or by you.

Popular Native Apps

Building Energy Control

Standardized energy data reporting and optimization.

Tenant Energy Control

EED compliance on autopilot.

Tenant Energy Billing

Heat cost allocations. Fully automized.


Popular Third-Party Apps

BuildingMinds energy data export

Connect your processed energy data from ComgyOS directly to your BuildingMinds account to automate ESG reporting there and make decisions on real data.

Aareon Wodis Sync

Synchronize your Comgy account directly with Aareon to automate your heating bills there and perform uVI dispatch.

Aedifion Energy Data Export

Connect your processed energy data from ComgyOS directly to your Aedifion account to manage your ESG targets there.

Locoia connector

Automatically forward your energy data to ComgyOS via ready-made connectors.


Use the ARGE standard for data exchange with your ERP or billing system. Supported are A-record, LM-record, BK-record, D-record and E-record.

Create your own integration
Our mission

Making buildings climate-neutral through intelligent use of energy data

Climate Impact, made in Berlin.

We are committed to the present & future.

We are committed to the present & future.

We are preserving the earth as our long-term home by making buildings carbon-neutral through smart use of energy data.

We take responsibility

We not only offer software solutions to make the building sector climate-neutral, but also live the topic of sustainability ourselves.

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