Climate neutrality

Our contribution to climate neutrality

Energy consumption in the real estate sector accounts for one third of the total European emissions. The decarbonization of buildings therefore plays a crucial role in order to achieve the EU's climate targets. 

Comgy's climate targets

Since 2019, Comgy has been offsetting all installation trips.
By 2025 at the latest, Comgy pledges to operate completely CO2-neutral.
We actively contribute to reducing emissions by achieving a 30% reduction in average energy consumption for buildings managed by ComgyOS.
The climate crisis is the great challenge of our time that we all have to face.

With Comgy, we want to make our value contribution to the solution by supporting the real estate industry with heart, mind and technical innovation to decarbonize their portfolios - one building at a time.

Because we have to make the home of each of us sustainable in order to preserve our common home.

This is the core of our mission:
We want to preserve our earth as a long-term home by making buildings climate neutral through the intelligent use of energy data.
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Ruben Haas
CEO & Co-Founder

Offsetting our emissions

We support the
rainforest protection in the Amazon region

Forests are among the planet's most important CO2 reservoirs, are home to enormous biodiversity, and are the basis of life for all humans. However, global forest areas have declined sharply in recent decades due to increasing settlement, agricultural use, illegal logging, and raw material extraction.

Encompassing more than 86,000 hectares, the Ecomapuá project protects the forest and prohibits commercial logging. For the 400 local families, it creates alternative sources of income, for example through trade in the açaí fruit.

Our way

Data basis

To know where to start with measures, you have to know your own consumption. The first step was therefore a precise analysis of our emissions.

To do this, we brought external experts on board with klima.metrix and set various levers in motion to obtain the most accurate data possible, e.g., actual liters of fuel refueled instead of mileage or invoice amounts.


Today, we can no longer influence our calculated emissions from the past - but we can at least compensate for them.

Together with Climate Partner, we have chosen a forest protection project in Brazil, because not only can carbon be stored here, but a valuable ecosystem is preserved that took centuries to develop.


In the third step, we learnt from the analysis and, step by step, tackled and continue to tackle the areas that have the greatest savings potential and can be implemented in a targeted manner.

We already use green electricity, the new water dispenser has just been installed - now the mobility emissions from assembly trips and business trips are the next big challenge.

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